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  • 5 Face Machining Center OKUMA MCR-Bll 25x50 E-A 2000

    Bridge width:2,550 mm
    Table to spindle nose: 0~1,550 mm
    Table:2,000×5,100 mm
    Max. loading weight:27,000 kg
    Travel: X:5,000 Y:3,200 Z:800 mm
    Spindle speed:10~6,000 rpm
    Spindle taper:BT-50
    Cross move: 1,000mm (10 points)
    ATC:100 stations

    Required floor space:7,165×12,350 mm   
    Machine height:6,400 mm
    Machine weight:49,000kg

    Auto attachment changer (AAC) 4 stations (1 spare station )
    Extension head MAX : 6,000rpm L=250mm
    Acceleration extension head 5,000~10,000rpm L=500mm
    90°angular head MAX : 3,000rpm 5°indexing  L=250mm
    Coolant through spindle Coolant + Air
    Chip conveyor (Floor type)
    Automatic tool offset + Tool breakage detection 
    Vertical/Horizontal axis detection by touch censor
    Helical interpolation
    Synchronized tapping Ⅱ (Extension/90°Angular head 6,000rpm )
    Inclined surface machining function
    Program memory capacity 2,560m
    Operation buffer capacity 320m
    Inductosyn detection X axis, Y axis
    A axis (0.0001) Multi-turn absolute

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