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    CNC Lathe O-M LTD. TMS2-20/40N 1994

    Table distance:φ2,000 mm
    Max. swing: 4,000 mm
    Max milling OD: φ3,000mm
    Max milling height: 1,600mm
    Work weight: 20T
    Stepless control:0.47-120rpm
    ATC: 12stations
    Travel X: 1,500 Z: 1,000mm
    Crossbeam travel: 1,100mm
    Column travel: 500mm

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  • CNC Lathe dainichi DL53/100 2000

    Controller : FANUC-20TA
    Swing over bed : 530 mm
    Swing over carriage : 300 mm
    Max. turning diameter : 530 mm
    Center distance : 1,000 mm
    Travel X : 342 Y : 1,058 mm
    Spindle speed Normal : 16~1,600 rpm
                 H : 63~1,600 rpm
                 L : 16~500 rpm
    Spindle bore : φ77 mm
    Both center support weight(Including chuck) : 1,000 kg
    Cantilever support weight(Including chuck) : 250 kg
    Diameter of spindle taper : MT No.4
    Travel of tailstock : 160 mm

    Required floor space : 2,705×1,420 mm
    Machine height : 1,605 mm
    Machine weight : 2,500 kg

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  • Manual Lathe WASHINO LE-19J 1974

    Swing over bed:φ460 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ240 mm
    Center distance:800 mm
    Spindle nose:ASA A-1-6
    Spindle bore:φ54 mm
    Spindle speed:50~1,500 rpm(8 gear)
    Travel of carriage:765 mm
    Travel of cross slide:270 mm
    Travel of turret:140 mm
    Taper bore of tail stock:No.4
    Travel of tail stock:150 mm

    Required floor space:2,750×1,750 mm
    Machine height:1,235 mm
    Machine weight:1,900 kg

    9 inch 3 jaw scroll chuck

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    Manual Lathe WASHINO LEO-80A 2019

    Swing over bed:φ490 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ260 mm
    Distance between centers:800 mm
    Spindle tip:A1. No.6
    Spindle bore:φ54 mm
    Spindle speed:23~1,800 rpm(gear)
    Travel of carriage:800 mm
    Travel of cross slide:295 mm
    Travel of tool slide:140 mm
    Type of turret:4 position
    Taper bore of tail stock:No.4
    Travel of tail stock:150 mm

    Required floor space:3,060×1,900 mm
    Machine height:1,320 mm
    Machine weight:2,000 kg

    KITAGAWA 9 inch scroll chuck

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  • Manual Lathe chubu CLL2500 1979

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  • Horizontal Machining Center MITSUI SEIKI HU63A 1998

    Control : FANUC-16MC
    Table size:630×630mm 2APC
    Max.loading weight:1200kg
    Table index:0.001°(Baxis)
    Stroke X:900 Y:800 Z:800mm
    Spindle rotation speed:15~6000rpm
    Machining weight:17000kg

    XYZaxis linear scale
    Baxis rotary encoder
    Caxis pulse coder
    Coolant side through
    Φ300circle table(Caxis)MITSUI
    Chip conveyor
    Mist collector

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  • Horizontal Machining Center MAKINO a81M-5XR 2013

    Controller:Professional 5 (FANUC 310is)
    Travel X:900 Y:800 Z:1,020 mm
         B:360°/-60°±150°(C axis side)
    Distance between pallet surface to spindle:80~800 mm
    Pallet:630 angle(0.0001°indexing B axis)2APC
    Max.loading capacity of pallet(Equal intervals):1,200 kg
    Spindle speed:20~8,000 min-1(High torque)
    Spindle taper bore:BBT50(2 points locking)
    ATC:40 stations

    Required floor space:3,693×5,984 mm
    Machine height:3,408 mm
    Machine weight:16,000 kg

    Vertical NC rotary table(C axis)1 set
     Matsumoto MDVi503 φ500 T slot
     The number of simultaneous control axis:5 axis
    Moire scale feed back XYZ 0.1 μm
    Coolant through spindle(1.5/2.2 Mpa)and air (Standard)
    Two stage chip conveyor
    Mist collector
    Contactless tool automatic measurement device(Special version)
    Added extra axis
    Program memory capacity:1,280 m
    The number of registration program:1,000
    Data center(Standard)+Data center memory extention function B(800 MB)
    The number of tool correction:99(Standard)
    Coordinates rotation
    Custom macro common variable added total:600
    Super GI. 4 control (For 5 XR)(X,Y,Z,B,C axis)
    Tool tip control
    High speed smooth TCP
    3D Tool diameter correction
    you can use it as 3 axis 2APC HMC if you remove the index table on B pallet. you wanna use it as 5 axis machine or 3 axis machine? it's your choice!

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  • Vertical Machining Center OKK MCV-660 1997

    Control :FANUC-18M
    Table size:1,700×650mm
    Table loading capacity:2,000kg
    Stroke X:1,270 Y:660 Z:650mm
    Distance from table surface to spindle nose:200~850mm
    Distance from column front to spindle center:685mm
    Spindle speed:25~4500rmm
    Spindle nose:BT50
    Tool storage capacity:24pcs.
    Floor space(Operational state):4,220×3,570mm
    Machine height:3,360mm
    Machine weight:12,000kg

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  • VM4Ⅲ 2004

    Controller : FANUC-180iS-MB
    Tool shank : BT No.40
    ATC : 30 stations
    Table size : 800×410 mm
    Table loading weight : 500 kg
    Travel X : 630 Y : 410 Z : 460 mm
    Distance between table surface to spindle nose : 150~610 mm
    Max. spindle speed : 20,000 rpm
    Required floor space : 1,980×2,655 mm
    Machine height : 2,626 mm
    Machine weight : 5,500 kg

    Chip screw(Inside)
    Soft scale Ⅲ
    Special fixed cycle
    GC pattern macro
    Air blow device
    Auto data server
    Tool evacuation ・ reset
    Hyper HQ control mode B
    NC option pack
    Cutting oil tank : 320 ℓ

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  • Vertical Machining Center OKK VM7Ⅲ 2004

    Controller : FANUC-180iS-MB
    Table size : 1,550×740 mm
    Table loading weight : 1,500 kg
    Travel X : 1,530  Y : 740  Z : 660 mm
    Distance between column front to spindle center : 780 mm
    Distance between table to spindle nose : 150~810 mm
    Type of spindle nose : BT No.50
    Max. spindle speed : 8,000 rpm
    ATC : 30 stations

    Required floor space : 3,980×3,860 mm
    Machine height : 3,226 mm
    Machine weight : 10,500 kg

    Data server 1GB
    Soft scale Ⅲ
    Special fixed cycle
    Tool length measurement(Auto)
    NC option pack
    Helical interpolation
    NURBS interpolation hyper HQ control B
    Touch sensor TO

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