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    CNC Lathe OKUMA LB300-MW×800 2005

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    CNC Lathe OKUMA LU-300MY(2SC×980) 心押し、SMW振止め仕様 2007

    Swing over bed:φ530 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ410 mm
    Center Distance:1,000 mm   
    Max. working diameter×length:φ340×980 mm
    Spindle bore diameter:φ62 mm
    Spindle speed:45~5,000 min-1
    Stroke X:280(210+70)
    Y:120(+70~-50) mm
          Z:1,020 mm  C:360°(0.001°)  Turret:Combined V12(Quick changing tool)
    Milling tool speed:45~4,500 min-1
    Tail stock taper bore:MT No.5
    Tail stock travel:120 mm
    Required floor space:3,950×2,060 mm 
    Height:2,641 mm
    Machine weight:8,800 kg

    Chip conveyor(front left unloading)
    Chip bucket
    Touch sensor M
    SMW brand steady rest SLU2
    up to φ8~101(attached lower turret)

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    CNC Lathe MAZAK M4N 2007

    Controller:MAZATROL FUSION 640T
    Swing over bed:φ560 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ280 mm
    Center distance:1,000 mm(No tail stock)
    Max. support weight Chuck work:300 kg
    Spindle speed:5~2,200 rpm
    Spindle bore:80 mm
    Tool shank:JIS A2-8
    Travel X:365~550  Z:1,020 mm

    Required floor space:3,695×2,320 mm
    Machine height:2,187 mm
    Machine weight:5,100 kg

    Coolant system
    KITAGAWA Brand 12 inch 3 jaw solid hydraulic chuck
    8 squares turret

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  • sold out
    CNC Lathe CHUBU FNS150×375 1996

    Controller:MELDAS L3
    Swing over bed:1,500 mm
    Swing over carriage:1,060 mm
    Distance between centers:3,750 mm
    Max. turning diameter:1,300 mm
    Max. turning length:3,600 mm
    Spindle bore:φ84 mm
    Spindle speed:3.5~350 rpm
    Travel X:780 Z:3,600 mm
    Tail stock diameter:140 mm
    Travel of tail stock:300 mm
    Required floor space:2,700×6,700 mm 
    Machine height:2,300 mm
    Machine weight:14,800 kg
    4 squares turret:Auto indexing
    4 jaw index chuck φ1,200
    Steady rest φ100~φ500(Roller jaw) 1 set

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  • CNC Lathe DAINICHI M112×500 1991

    Swing over bed:1,120 mm
    Swing over carriage:700 mm
    Distance between centers:5,000mm
    Bed width × height:1,010 x 595 mm
    Spindle nose type:JIS A2-15
    Spindle bore dia.:φ104 mm
    Center size:1/10 meter taper No.80 75 degrees
    Spindle speed:1 ~ 500 rpm
    Both center support weight:10,000kg
    Chuck cantilever support weight:2,500kg
    Stroke X:750 Z:5,000mm
    Max. travel of tail stock spindle : 300mm
    Required floor space:2,728 x 9,065 mm  
    Height:2,545 mm
    Machine weight:18,000 kg

    4-position turret
    φ1,000 4-jaw independent chuck
    Fixed stay φ50~φ350:1set、φ300~φ600:1set
    Chip conveyor included
    Threading cycle retract
    Automatic interactive programming

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  • sold out
    CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI CL-25B 1997

    Controller : MF-T6(FANUC16T)     
    Swing over bed:φ520
    Swing over cross slide:φ410 mm
    Max turning dia:φ450
    Max turning length:450 mm 
    Bar work capacity:φ89 mm
    Travel X:260 Z:500 mm
    Spindle speed:28-2,800 rpm
    Spindle nose:JIS A2-8
    Spindle bore:φ105
    Number of toolings:10 stations
    Machine size:2,984 X 1,736 mm
    Machine height:1,805 mm
    Machine weight:4,000 kg
    10-position turret
    12-inch 3-jaw hollow chuck
    Chip conveyor
    Tail stock

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  • CNC Lathe MORI SEIKI SL-600BMC 1999

    Control:MSD-501II (FANUC-18iTA) 
    Swing over bed:994 mm
    Swing over cross slide:733 mm
    Distance between centers:2,300 mm
    Max. turning dia.:φ930
    Max. turning length:2,000 mm 
    Standard turning dia.:φ461 mm
    Travel X:485 Z:2,100 mm
    Spindle speed:1,200 rpm
    No. of spindle variable-speed range:3 gearsSpindle nose:JIS A2-15
    Spindle bore:φ185 mm
    Min. indexing angle of spindle:C-axis 0.001°
    Turret type:10 position (with milling)
    No. of tools for turret:turning tool 10 stations milling tool 10 stations
    Milling tool spindle speed:3,000 rpm
    Milling tool machining ability Drill:Max.20 Tap:Max.M24
    Tail stock travel:2,100 mm
    Type of tail spindle taper hole:MT5 (built-in center)
    Travel of tail sindle:150 mm
    Spindle motor (30 min./coutinuous):37/30 (45/37)
    Machine height:2,973 mm
    Required floor space:6,853 x 2.505 mm
    Machine weight:17,000 kg
    Chuck:φ560 UB 560K  KITAGAWA Brand Air type chuck 1200 rpm Bore:φ275 mmMoving steady rest SMW Brand SLU-3, 1 φ20~185mm
    Fixed steady rest:up toφ40 1set
    Tool setter Chip conveyor

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  • CNC Lathe OM OMega-60(3) 2003

    Table diameter:φ1,100 mm
    Max. turning diameter:φ1,260 mm
    Max. swing:φ1,500 mm
    Max. turning height:570 mm
    Max. work piece weight:2,000 kg
    Distance between holder to table surface:735 mm
    Travel of turret (Left and right) To right:1,410 mm
                         To left:50 mm
    Travel of turret (Up and down):800 mm
    Cross rail:Fixed type
    Table speed Low speed:4.0~120.2 min-1
             High speed:16.6~500 min-1
    ATC:12 stations(Special holder)
    Max. length of holder storage (From surface):480 mm
    Max. weight of holder storage:50 kg / 1 pce

    Required floor space:5,580×3,860 mm   
    Machine height:3,900 mm
    Machine weight:13,000 kg

    Tape memory length 640 m
    Chip conveyor (To left)
    φ1,100 3 jaw Hydraulic chuck

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  • Manual Lathe WASHINO LEO-80A 2020 (ベースは2006)

    Swing over bed:490 mm
    Swing over carriage:260 mm
    Tool shank:A1. No.6
    Spindle bore:54 mm
    Spindle speed:19~1,500 rpm(16段)
    Travel X:295  Z:800 mm
    Tail stock taper:No.4
    Travel of tail stock:150 mm

    Machine size(L×W×H):2,290×1,110×1,320 mm
    Machine weight:2,000 kg

    Dijital 2 axis(X,Z axis)
    No chuck

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  • Manual Lathe chubu CLL2500 1979

    Swing over bed:750 mm
    Swing over cross slide:435 mm
    Swing over gap:1,000 mm
    Bed length:3,875 mm
    spindle bore:φ75 mm
    Center distance:2,500 mm

    Machine weight:4,400 kg

    Steady rest

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