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    CNC Lathe O-M LTD. TMS2-20/40N 1994

    Table distance:φ2,000 mm
    Max. swing: 4,000 mm
    Max milling OD: φ3,000mm
    Max milling height: 1,600mm
    Work weight: 20T
    Stepless control:0.47-120rpm
    ATC: 12stations
    Travel X: 1,500 Z: 1,000mm
    Crossbeam travel: 1,100mm
    Column travel: 500mm

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  • CNC Lathe dainichi DL53/100 2000

    Controller : FANUC-20TA
    Swing over bed : 530 mm
    Swing over carriage : 300 mm
    Max. turning diameter : 530 mm
    Center distance : 1,000 mm
    Travel X : 342 Y : 1,058 mm
    Spindle speed Normal : 16~1,600 rpm
                 H : 63~1,600 rpm
                 L : 16~500 rpm
    Spindle bore : φ77 mm
    Both center support weight(Including chuck) : 1,000 kg
    Cantilever support weight(Including chuck) : 250 kg
    Diameter of spindle taper : MT No.4
    Travel of tailstock : 160 mm

    Required floor space : 2,705×1,420 mm
    Machine height : 1,605 mm
    Machine weight : 2,500 kg

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  • Manual Lathe WASHINO LE-19J 1974

    Swing over bed:φ460 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ240 mm
    Center distance:800 mm
    Spindle nose:ASA A-1-6
    Spindle bore:φ54 mm
    Spindle speed:50~1,500 rpm(8 gear)
    Travel of carriage:765 mm
    Travel of cross slide:270 mm
    Travel of turret:140 mm
    Taper bore of tail stock:No.4
    Travel of tail stock:150 mm

    Required floor space:2,750×1,750 mm
    Machine height:1,235 mm
    Machine weight:1,900 kg

    9 inch 3 jaw scroll chuck

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    Manual Lathe WASHINO LEO-80A 2019

    Swing over bed:φ490 mm
    Swing over carriage:φ260 mm
    Distance between centers:800 mm
    Spindle tip:A1. No.6
    Spindle bore:φ54 mm
    Spindle speed:23~1,800 rpm(gear)
    Travel of carriage:800 mm
    Travel of cross slide:295 mm
    Travel of tool slide:140 mm
    Type of turret:4 position
    Taper bore of tail stock:No.4
    Travel of tail stock:150 mm

    Required floor space:3,060×1,900 mm
    Machine height:1,320 mm
    Machine weight:2,000 kg

    KITAGAWA 9 inch scroll chuck

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  • Manual Lathe chubu CLL2500 1979

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  • Manual Lathe DLG-SHB63×150 2019

    Overhaul Machine
    Center height : 315 mm
    Swing over bed : 630 mm
    Swing over carriage : 400 mm
    Bed width : 425 mm
    Tool shank : JIS A1-11
    Spindle bore : 84 mm
    Spindle speed : 18~1,600 rpm(14 steps)
    Max. travel of cross slide : 380 mm
    Max. travel of upper slide : 200 mm
    Tail stock diameter : 80 mm
    Tail stock taper : Morse taper No.5
    Travel of tail stock : 200 mm
    Max. distance between center : 1,500 mm
    Support weight between center(Under 100 rpm) : 1,250 kg
    Max. weight without support(Under 36 rpm) : 400 kg
    Diameter and pitch of guide screw(Metric size) : φ45×6 mm
                          (Inch size) : φ45×6.35 mm

    Required floor space : 3,250×1,050 mm
    Machine height : 1,265 mm
    Machine weight : 2,800 kg

    Chuck : 4 jaw chuck φ450 mm
    Steady rest : φ20~200 mm
    Digital 2 axis(Brand new)

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  • ROBODRILL FANUC α-T21iFLa 2009

    Controller : FANUC-31iA5
    Table size : 850×410 mm
    Work piece loading weight : 300 kg
    Travel : X:700  Y:400  Z:330 mm
    Tool shank : BBT No.30
    Max. spindle speed : 24,000 rpm
    ATC : 21 stations

    Required floor space : 2,115×2,040 mm
    Machine height : 2,236 mm
    Machine weight : about 2,100 kg

    Handing dihedral restriction tooling(BBT30)
    AI contouring control Ⅱ
    Tool length automatic measurement G37

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  • Horizontal Machining Center MAKINO a81M-5XR 2013

    Controller:Professional 5 (FANUC 310is)
    Travel X:900 Y:800 Z:1,020 mm
         B:360°/-60°±150°(C axis side)
    Distance between pallet surface to spindle:80~800 mm
    Pallet:630 angle(0.0001°indexing B axis)2APC
    Max.loading capacity of pallet(Equal intervals):1,200 kg
    Spindle speed:20~8,000 min-1(High torque)
    Spindle taper bore:BBT50(2 points locking)
    ATC:40 stations

    Required floor space:3,693×5,984 mm
    Machine height:3,408 mm
    Machine weight:16,000 kg

    Vertical NC rotary table(C axis)1 set
     Matsumoto MDVi503 φ500 T slot
     The number of simultaneous control axis:5 axis
    Moire scale feed back XYZ 0.1 μm
    Coolant through spindle(1.5/2.2 Mpa)and air (Standard)
    Two stage chip conveyor
    Mist collector
    Contactless tool automatic measurement device(Special version)
    Added extra axis
    Program memory capacity:1,280 m
    The number of registration program:1,000
    Data center(Standard)+Data center memory extention function B(800 MB)
    The number of tool correction:99(Standard)
    Coordinates rotation
    Custom macro common variable added total:600
    Super GI. 4 control (For 5 XR)(X,Y,Z,B,C axis)
    Tool tip control
    High speed smooth TCP
    3D Tool diameter correction
    you can use it as 3 axis 2APC HMC if you remove the index table on B pallet. you wanna use it as 5 axis machine or 3 axis machine? it's your choice!

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  • Vertical Machining Center OKK MCV-660 1997

    Control :FANUC-18M
    Table size:1,700×650mm
    Table loading capacity:2,000kg
    Stroke X:1,270 Y:660 Z:650mm
    Distance from table surface to spindle nose:200~850mm
    Distance from column front to spindle center:685mm
    Spindle speed:25~4500rmm
    Spindle nose:BT50
    Tool storage capacity:24pcs.
    Floor space(Operational state):4,220×3,570mm
    Machine height:3,360mm
    Machine weight:12,000kg

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  • Vertical Machining Center OKK MCV1060 2005

    Controller : FANUC-160iS-MB
    Table size : 2,500×1,060 mm
    Table loading weight : 5,000 kg
    Travel : X : 2,140  Y : 1,060  Z : 800 mm
    Distance between column front and spindle center : 1,100 mm
    Distance between table top and spindle nose : 450~1,250 mm
    Spindle speed : 25~4,500 min-1
    Tool shank : BBT50(dihedral restriction)
    ATC : 60 stations

    Required floor space : 6,200×6,180 mm
    Machine height : 4,255 mm
    Machine weight : 23,500 kg

    Full cover
    Hinge type conveyor(2 base left and right rear out)
    Column UP 200 mm
    NC option pack
     Helical interpolation
     Program memory capacity total 1,280 m
     Extension tape editing
     The number of registration program total 400 sets
     The number of tool correction total 200 sets
     Add 48 sets of work coordinate system
     Programmable mirror image
     Custom macro
     Management tool life(128 sets)
     Indicate operating time and number of parts
    Hyper HQ control B mode
    Soft scale Ⅲ
    Touch sensor

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