special 2020.03.24

Remote visual inspection service launched!!

New style of physical inspection by using skype or mobile app for those who can not come to our warehouse

※booking form is now available.  (inquiry form in every machine detailed page)

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arrival news

2020.12.18 OKUMA CNC Internal Grinder GI-20N 2WS
2020.12.11 TAKAMATSU CNC Lathe XW-60M
2020.11.16 OKUMA CNC Lathe LU-300MY(2SC×980) 心押し、SMW振止め仕様
2020.10.12 OKUMA CNC Lathe LB300-M
2020.10.09 OKUMA Vertical Machining Center MILLAC-611VL
2020.09.17 MAZAK CNC Lathe M4N
2020.09.08 DAINICHI Manual Lathe DLG-SHB63 x 250
2020.09.01 SHIZUOKA Manual Milling Machine VHR-A
2020.08.28 DAITO SEIKI Band Sawing Machine GA660
2020.08.28 TAKISAWA CNC Lathe TAC-650×1000

off yard sales information

2020.12.04 KURAKI CNC Horizontal Boring Machine KBT-13DX AP
2020.11.04 OKUMA Bridge Type Machining Center MCV-AⅡ20×40
2020.11.04 OKUMA 5 Face Machining Center MCR-A5C 25×50
2020.11.04 OKUMA 5 Face Machining Center MCR-BⅡ25×40E
2020.10.26   KBT-10DXA
2020.10.26   KBT-11WDXA
2020.10.26   KBT-11WA
2020.10.26 YAMAGE Slotter MY-200S
2020.10.26 YOSHIDA Upright Drilling Machine YUD-540
2020.10.26   KBT-13DXA
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