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    KBT-10DXA 1991

    Controller : FANUC-15M
    Travel X : 1,500 Y : 1,000 Z : 800 mm
    W : 500 mm
    Table size : 950 x 1,100 mm
    Index : 90 deg BT50 ATC40
    Spindle speed : 2,500 rpm
    Table surface cover
    No attached chip conveyor
    Required floor space : 4,850 x 4,550 x 3,300 mm
    Machine weight : 14.8t

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  • KBT-11WA 2006

    Travel X:2,000 Y:1,500 Z:1,450
    W:500 mm
    Table size:1,400 x 1,600 mm
    BT50 ATC90
    Spindle speed:3,000 rpm
    Chip conveyor 
    Table surface cover
    Required floor space:7,000×6,050 mm
    Machine height:3,960 mm
    Machine weight:29,000 kg

    Cutting device B type
     (include lift type chip conveyor, No attached pit)
    Chip bucket for lift type chip conveyor
    External air blow(flexible nozzle type)
    Rigid tapping (include return rigid tapping)
    Splach guard A type(around table)
    Macro pattern cycle
    Coolant through spindle
     pump discharge pressure 1.0MPa
    Pull stud MAS2 type(30°)

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  • CNC Horizontal Boring Machine KURAKI KBT-13DX AP 1990

    Control:FANUC 15M
    Pallet size:1,600 × 1,800 mm
    Pallet load:10t(6t when using APC)
    Table indexing::0.001°
    Travel X:3,300  Y:1,800
    Z:1,300 W:700 mm
    Spindle diameter:φ130 mm
    Spindle speed:5 ~ 2,500 rpm(3 steps)
    Spindle taper:BT50
    ATC:90 positions
    Machine dimensions:7,000 × 9,500 mm
    Machine height:4,750 mm
    Machine weight:53,000 kg

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    KBT-13DXA 1986

    Controller : FANUC-11M (DC Motor)
    Travel X : 4,000 Y : 1,970 Z : 1,300 
    W : 700 mm 
    Table size : 2,000 x 1,800 mm
    90deg indexing BT50 ATC40
    Spindle speed : 1300 rpm
    Table surface cover
    No attached chip conveyor
    Required floor space : 8100 x 6650 x 4800 mm
    Machine weight : 30t

    Air blow device
    Face plate face plate tool holder
    Travel of X axis 4 m
    Scale feed back 3 axis
    Input-output interface(RS232C)
    Auto corner over ride

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  • KBT-15BDXA 1998

    Table size:2,200 x 2,000 mm
    0.001deg indexing BT50 ATC60
    Spindle speed:2,000 rpm
    No attached table surface cover

    Drilling device for oil hole
    External air blow device
    Pull stud(MASⅡ)
    Cutting oil device(B type、No attached pit)
    ※No attached chip conveyor
    Rigid tapping
    Rotary milling processing
    100 set of custom macro common variable
    Tape memory length Total 640 m
    Add 48 sets of work coordinate system
    Scale feed back(X,Y,Z axis)
    NC indexing table every0.001°
    (positioning function of pin every 90°)

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