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  • CNC Milling Machine OKK らくらくミル3P (RRM3P) 2012

    Controller:M720VS (MELDAS)
    Table size:1650×380 mm
    Travel X:920 Y:380 Z:450 mm
    Distance from table to spindle nose:30-480 mm
    Max. loading weight:1000 kg
    Spindle taper:NT-50
    Spindle speed:45~1600 rpm (12 steps)
    * 500 rpm or less when using Over arms and Milling head arbors

    Required floor space:3060×1884 mm 
    Machine height:2640 mm
    Machine weight:4400 kg

    Chip bucket (Both side of bed)
    Oil pan/Rear cover
    Over arm
    Milling head arbors
    Controlled axes 3
    Helical interpolation
    Circular interpolation (Center setting/Radius R setting)
    Fixed cycle
    Circular milling
    Corner chamfering /Corner R
    Single direction positioning
    RAKU RAKU Pattern (Hole drilling, Face machining, Side/Pocket milling)
    Tool offset (Tool offset memory type Ⅱ) 200
    Program memory capacity 160m (200)
    USB I/F and USB memory are usable

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  • CNC Milling Machine OKUMA & HOWA FMV-30 2006

    Controller: FANUC20i-FA
    Working surface: 1,350×310 mm
    Table to spindle nose: 50~460 mm
    Max. loading weight: 300㎏
    Travel: X:710 mm Y:320 mm Z:410 mm
    Spindle speed: 25~2,500rpm(Manual / 2 stages)
    Spindle taper: NT-50

    Required floor space: 1,870×2,305 mm 
    Machine height: 2,160 mm
    Machine weight: 3,100 kg

    Splash guard over table
    Tape memory length: 160m

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  • CNC Milling Machine YAMAZAKI GIKEN YZ-8CR 1995

    Table size:1,500×350 mm
    Distance between floor to table surface:805 mm
    Travel X:850  Y:350  Z:510 mm
    Spindle speed:55~2,000 rpm
    Tool shank:NT50

    Required floor space:1,290×820 mm   Machine height:2,430 mm
    Machine weight:3,400 kg

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  • CNC Milling Machine YAMAZAKI GIKEN YZ-8NC 1993

    Controller: FANUC-0M
    Table size: 1,400×380 mm
    Table to spindle nose: 150~700 mm
    Travel: X:850 Y:400 Z:550 mm
    Spindle speed: 75~2,400 rpm(16 steps/manual)
    Spindle taper: NT50

    Required floor space: 2,190×2,920 mm 
    Machine height: 2,651 mm
    Machine weight: 4,800 kg

    G code input only
    Simultaneous 3 axis X・Y・Z
    Coolant tank

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  • SP-CH 2012

    Table size: 1,300×280 mm
    Max. loading weight: 300 kg
    Travel: X:1,000 Y:300 Z:450 mm
    Table to spindle center:20~470 mm
    Overarm bottom to spindle center: 125 mm
    Spindle speed: 45~700 rpm (9 steps)
    Spindle taper: NT50
    Coolant tank (Main body):25L 

    Required floor space: 2,910×1,800 mm 
    Machine height: 1,580 mm
    Machine weight: 2,100 kg

    Tsudakoma brand rotary table with controller and tail stock
    7-inch scroll chuck
    Cutter arbor

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