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  • CNC Milling Machine SHIZUOKA VHR-AN リニューアル

    Table size:1,100x280mm
    Max. loading capacity on table::300Kg
    Travel X:700 Y:320 Z:400mm
    NT40 20~6000rpm
    with rigid tapping

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  • CNC Milling Machine SHIZUOKA AN-SR 1990

    Controller : FANUC-0MB
    Table size : 1,100×400 mm
    T slot size (width×quantity×interval) : 18×4×100 mm
    Max. loading weight : 300 kg
    Travel X:710 Y:430 Z:400 mm
    Spindle speed : 20~4,500 rpm(nonstep)
    Tool shank : NT40
    Travel of quill (Up and down) : 140 mm
    Feed up and down (per 1rotation of spindle) : 0.035 ・ 0.07 ・ 0.14(3 steps)

    Required floor space : 1,920×1,852 mm
    Machine height : 2,413 mm
    Machine weight : 3,000 kg

    Controll axis : 3 axis(X,Y,Z axis)
    Simultaneous control axis : 3 axis(2 axis of arc)
    Automatic tool detachable device
    Remote buffer

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  • Electric Discharge Machine MAKINO EDGE3 2006

    Travel XYZ : 450 × 300 × 320 mm
    Work tank inner size : 800 × 550 × 350 mm
    Table size : 600 × 450 mm
    Max. Work piece weight : 800 kg
    Max. average pulse current : 30A
    Max. electrode weight : 50kg
    Fluid tank : Attached to the main body
    Capacity of working fluid : 380ℓ
    Head : MR, C axis 1~10min-1
    Chuck : EROWA ITS
    ATC 8 stations(built in)
    Super sparkⅢ(High speed cutting)
    Super surface & Super edge

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  • Horizontal Machining Center MAKINO a81M-5XR 2013

    Controller:Professional 5 (FANUC 310is)
    Travel X:900 Y:800 Z:1,020 mm
         B:360°/-60°±150°(C axis side)
    Distance between pallet surface to spindle:80~800 mm
    Pallet:630 angle(0.0001°indexing B axis)2APC
    Max.loading capacity of pallet(Equal intervals):1,200 kg
    Spindle speed:20~8,000 min-1(High torque)
    Spindle taper bore:BBT50(2 points locking)
    ATC:40 stations

    Required floor space:3,693×5,984 mm
    Machine height:3,408 mm
    Machine weight:16,000 kg

    Vertical NC rotary table(C axis)1 set
     Matsumoto MDVi503 φ500 T slot
     The number of simultaneous control axis:5 axis
    Moire scale feed back XYZ 0.1 μm
    Coolant through spindle(1.5/2.2 Mpa)and air (Standard)
    Two stage chip conveyor
    Mist collector
    Contactless tool automatic measurement device(Special version)
    Added extra axis
    Program memory capacity:1,280 m
    The number of registration program:1,000
    Data center(Standard)+Data center memory extention function B(800 MB)
    The number of tool correction:99(Standard)
    Coordinates rotation
    Custom macro common variable added total:600
    Super GI. 4 control (For 5 XR)(X,Y,Z,B,C axis)
    Tool tip control
    High speed smooth TCP
    3D Tool diameter correction
    you can use it as 3 axis 2APC HMC if you remove the index table on B pallet. you wanna use it as 5 axis machine or 3 axis machine? it's your choice!

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  • Manual Milling Machine MAKINO KSJP-55 1988

    Table size:1,100×250 mm
    Stroke X:550 Y:250 Z:350 mm
    Over arm movement back and forth:300 mmSpindle taper:NT40
    Spindle speed (converted):75~4,000 rpm
    (12 stages)
    Spindle head tilting angle:±45°
    Quill movement up and down:100 mm
    Quill feed speed:0.04, 0.08, 0.16 mm
    Machine size:1,640×1,815 mm  
    Height:2,080 mm
    Machine weight:1,550 kg
    Digital X, Y (two axes)

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    MORI SEIKI NT4250DCG/1500 2007

    Controller:FANUC-31iA5 MAPPSⅢ
    Swing over bed:730 mm
    Swing over carriage:730 mm
    Max. distance between tail stock to spindle tip:1,760 mm
    Max.turning length:1,562 mm
    Max.turning diameter:φ660 mm
    Travel X:750 Y:±210 Z:1635+100(ATC Travel)
         B;±120° A:1,500 mm
    Max. spindle speed:4,000 min-1
    Spindle bore:91 mm
    Min. spindle index:0.0001°(C axis)
    Tool installaion:1 station
    Min. B axis index:0.0001°
    Max. tool spindle speed:12,000 min-1
    Tool spindle :Capto C6 type
    ATC:100 stations
    Tail stock bore:Rotation center (MT5) type

    Required floor space:4,868×3,010 mm
    Machine height:2,767 mm
    Machine weight:23,700 kg

    10 inch hollow 3 jaw chuck(BB210 KITAGAWA)
    Tool spindle:Coolant through spindle
    B axis scale feed back:Inside tool presetter(Detachable)
    Chip conveyor:Right Hinge type
    Mist collector
    Simultaneous 5 axis control
    Tool tip control
    Program memory strage:1 Mbyte(2,560 m)
    The number of registration program:1,000
    Remote data function:Fast server data
    The number of sets of tool correction:240 sets
    Tool correction for 5 axis processing
    Custom macro common variable:600
    AI contour control:Ⅱ

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  • Vertical Machining Center MORISEIKI MV-80A/50 1998

    Travel X:1,524 Y:800 Z:750 mm
    Table:1,900×800 mm
    Spindle speed:3500 rpm
    Chip conveyor

    Machine height:3,702 mm
    Machine weight:14,650 kg

    250 mm extension of Z axis high column

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  • Hybrid processing machine MATSUURA LUMIX AVANCE-25 2014

    Stroke X:260 Y:260 Z:100 U:185 W:522mm
    Tank size : 270×270mm weight : 90kg
    Table size : 246×246mm piece size : 250×250mm
    Spindle rotation speed : 450~45,000rpm
    Spindle hose : Taper #20
    Tool shank : MATSUURA special #20
    ATC : 20stations
    Max.tool dia : φ10
    Type of laser : Yb fiber laser
    Oscillator output range : 40~400W
    Scanning module X,Y axis : Galvano scanner system
    Z axis : Lenear translator
    Machining height : 2050mm
    Machining weight : 4500kg
    Required floor space : 3200W×4650D

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    CNC Horizontal Boring Machine TOSHIBA BTH-130 R24 2008

    Control : TOSNUC999
    Table:2,000x2,400mm(1/1000 index)
    Stroke:XYZW 3,000x2,300x1,500x700mm
    Spindle:Φ130mm, 2,500rpm
    BT50 ATC:60pcs
    Required floorspace:8,000x8400mm
    Machine height:5,060mm
    Machine weight:45t
    Angle head(new)
    XYZ linear scale feedback
    Coolant through spindle
    Chip conveyor
    Renishaw touch probe
    Guidance measurement apparatus

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  • sold out
    Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-157DX リニューアル

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